Ambition 3: Young people to have skills for the future

Our workforce and young people are skilled and talented, geared up to respond to changing business needs and to win rewarding jobs in a growing economy.

Sandwell’s low level of skills and qualifications is holding back people from achieving their potential.

Having the right skills is important for people to get better paid jobs, and this is likely to become ever more important as lower skilled jobs will be at risk from automation.

For Sandwell people to take up the jobs and opportunities available in 2030, we must:

  • make sure people have the right mix of skills to equip them for the future job market;
  • provide the right training – including the right balance of high-quality vocational training, apprenticeships and academic provision; and
  • nurture links between education and business to fully understand what the job market needs and tailor it accordingly.
  • In 2030, companies will be choosing to be in Sandwell because of our long-term approach to developing our workforce.

    Data associated with ambition 3:

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    Supporting factors associated with ambition 3:

  • New business needs shared with schools & colleges
  • Apprenticeship programme
  • Children's services - every child be aware of career opportunities in Sandwell
  • Encourage links to develop between businesses and schools - increase post 16 performance
  • Develop skills for work; access to apprenticeships & permanent employment
  • Help the unemployed or inactive back to work
  • Support those on low income
  • Opportunities through the West Midlands Combined Authority