Overview of tobacco control

The health impact of smoking

Over 200 people die every day in England (78,000 per year) from smoking-related diseases such as cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and cardiovascular disease (CVD).  Smoking also causes chronic ill health and smoking during pregnancy significantly increases the risks of miscarriage, premature birth, still birth and neonatal complications.

Vision 2030

On average more people in Sandwell smoke compared to regional and national levels.  Reducing the level of smoking in Sandwell will be a big step towards achieving the council’s 2030 ambition of Sandwell being a ‘place where we live healthy lives and live them for longer’.


Smoking in Sandwell

A higher percentage of Sandwell’s population are smokers compared to regional and national levels. The smoking prevalence level in Sandwell is the second highest in the West Midlands.

The percentage of women who smoke at the time of delivery is lower in Sandwell compared to regional and national levels.


In Sandwell, more people are admitted to hospital for smoking-related illnesses and there are more smoking related deaths.

Smoking prevalence in Sandwell is higher on average among people in routine and manual occupations.  People who have never worked or who are long-term unemployed also have higher levels of tobacco use. This contributes to health inequalities between poorer people and those who are more well off.

There is also a disparity in levels of smoking based on people’s country of origin.  Nationally, the percentage of Polish people who smoke is 12.5% higher than the England average.  This is relevant to Sandwell which has a large Polish population.

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